Cheap Internet, Better Bathrooms, and Unsupervised Outdoor Play

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

This picture taken on January 27, 2010 in Paris shows the internet homepage of the English version of the search engine website Google. (LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty)

Chatanooga, Tennessee's public electric utility is working to publicly provide cheap and fast internet to its city. There's just one thing standing in its way: Comcast. Will this battle be coming to New York City any time soon? Plus: The New York Times's finds that Governor's Cuomo's investigation into corruption is "deeply compromised"; looking into the so-called "poor doors" in mixed-income housing; an argument for unsupervised outdoor play for children; and re-thinking American bathrooms.

Investigating Corruption in Cuomo's Corruption Investigation

A New York Times investigation argues that Governor Cuomo's Moreland Commission came under political pressure to restrict its investigations into statewide corruption. New York Times Albany reporter Thomas Kaplan discusses the revelations and what Moreland set out to do to begin with. Then we talk to David Grandeau, New York's former top lobbying official and an early critic of the Moreland Commision.

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Will Fast, Cheap Internet Ever Come to New York?

In his latest column, David Sirota, author and columnist with The International Business Times, profiles a fight in Tennessee over plans to make super-fast Internet cheaper and more accessible. He talks about the battle with Comcast, the proposed merger with Time Warner, and what it may mean for New York.

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The Argument for Leaving Your Kid at a Park

The jailing of a South Carolina mom for leaving her child unsupervised in a park sparked a fierce debate about the responsibility of parents. Lenore Skenazy, author of the book and blog Free-Range Kids, has long argued for greater independence and unsupervised outdoor play for children.

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How Many "Poor Doors" Will NYC Build?

The de Blasio administration says it cannot stop a building on the West Side from constructing separate entrances and amenities for residents of different incomes. It vows to change zoning regulations, but is that actually possible? WNYC economic development reporter Janet Babin discusses the controversy.  

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The Modern Bathroom Stinks

Vacuum toilets, composting toilets, toilets you have to squat over — these are all preferable to our current models, according to TreeHugger managing editor Lloyd Alter. He says our toilets are unsustainable and even bad for us. How far would you go in re-designing the modern bathroom?

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#TBT Brian and George Carlin, 2007

That time George Carlin said he looked Jesus-like in his arrest photo.


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