Hot Days and Heated Issues

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Open fire hydrant on E. 149th St., South Bronx (Beth Fertig/WNYC)

We've been pretty lucky this summer — there haven't been many dog days — but we can't expect that to last. Today, a discussion about heat: What it does to our body and brain, how climate change will affect our society and day-to-day life, how artists visually interpret heat, and your anecdotes about growing up in hot cultures. Plus: New York City's response to immigration in the face of inaction by Congress, and a discussion about responses — immediately from first responders, and afterwards from community leaders — after the death of Eric Garner.

NYC Prepping Resources for Influx of Migrant Children

As unaccompanied minors from Central America cross the border into the U.S., some local governments are turning them away. But New York City is looking to help. Nisha Agarwal, Commissioner for Immigrant Affairs, responds to listeners' questions and concerns.

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After Chokehold Death, Asking Why, How and What Now?

Much is still unclear about the conduct of police and medical personnel around the death of Eric Garner, who was put in an apparent chokehold by an arresting officer. What could have prevented Garner's death, and what should be the consequences for those involved?

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It's Getting Hot in Here: What Heat Does to You

Dr. Susi Vassallo, clinical associate professor in the department of medicine at NYU Langone, explains what happens to your body, brain, and behavior when the temperature rises.

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Hot All Over: Your Calls from Cultures of Heat

Listeners from hot climates around the world share how the weather has influenced local cultures, from architecture to food. Tell us your story of living with heat — anywhere in the world. What do you remember about living a lifestyle of a really hot culture? Call us at 212-433-9692, that's 212-433-WNYC.

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In The Future, We'll All Be Wearing Short Sleeves To Business Meetings

Our daily lives might be about to change with the expected climate shift. David Biello, editor for environment and energy at Scientific American, discusses the future of our communities, and some of the changes Americans might have to make.


Gallery: Capturing Heat on Camera

James Estrin, photographer and editor of The New York Times "Lens" blog, talks about capturing heat on camera and the challenges of news photography in sweltering conditions. Plus: Some of Estrin's favorite heat photos.

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Balm

Can you handle the heat? On Tuesday's show, we devoted much of the show to a mini-series of conversations around the theme of HEAT. Listen and download the full special above, or individual segments below.

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