The Potential Conservative Future of Young Americans

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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The next generation of voters might skew more conservative, according to David Leonhardt. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Will the next generation of voters be conservative? David Leonhardt discusses his latest New York Times column about a potential teenage backlash again liberalism. Plus: Exploring the WNYC archives to assess the lasting impact of Robert Moses; productivity (or lack thereof) during longer summer days; breaking the cycle of domestic violence through jobs; the Brooklyn district attorney's decision to stop prosecuting most low-level marijuana offenses; and an update on the Gowanus canal.

When Did You Lock in Your Political Beliefs?

The adage that you get more conservative as you get older doesn't exactly hold up. Political events during our late teens and twenties may shape us for life.

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How Employment Can Change the Domestic Abuse Cycle

Domestic violence is often enabled by economic captivity. Dr Ludy GreenPresident and Founder of Second Chance Employment Services and author of Ending Domestic Violence Captivity: A Guide to Economic Freedom(Volcano Press, 2014), discusses her work to break the cycle by giving victims of domestic violence training, employment opportunities, and more. The number Dr Green read on air, for help, is 888-331-7451. There are links to resources below as well.

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Jacobs vs. Moses in WNYC's History

As part of WNYC's 90th anniversary celebration, Kenneth T. Jackson, Editor in Chief of The Encyclopedia of New York City: Second Edition (Yale University Press; 2 edition, 2010) and president emeritus of the New York Historical Society, listens to archival audio of Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs giving speeches that reflect their influence on the definition of urbanism and New York and discusses their lasting impact on the city.

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Taking Back the Gowanus Canal

Leslie Albrecht, reporter for, talks about all the controversies surrounding the future of the Gowanus Canal, from disputes between the city and EPA over the ongoing cleanup process, to clashes between politicians and residents over planning future uses of the neighborhood.

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Is Pot Basically Legal in Brooklyn?

The DA says he'll no longer prosecute many low-level marijuana arrests, especially of people with little or no criminal record.

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More Daylight, More Time?

In midsummer, if daylight extends well past your workday, do you get more done? How do you spend those long summer evenings?

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