A Family Meeting About Making It

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Friday, June 06, 2014

A two-hour "family meeting" on the idea of success at different stages of life. How does the personal and professional balance when it comes to feeling like you've "made it"? How much does being a parent add or get in the way of your personal goals -- and how is your success reflected in your child's? And, when you're retired and looking back, what lessons do you have about what actually mattered and what didn't?

What Does It Mean to Make It?

What does it mean to you, right now, to be successful? What's your criteria at this very moment? Don't think about it too much. Just tell us the first thing you think of as we kick off this special two-hour family meeting on "Making it" and success.

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Money, Marriage, and Making It

June Carbone, professor of law, science and technology at the University of Minnesota, and co-author of Marriage Markets: How Inequality is Remaking the American Family [Oxford] and Naomi Cahn, professor at George Washington University Law School, and co-author of the book talk about how ideas of success and stability inform marriage, partnerships, and inequality in our society -- and how those forces have changed over time.

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What Makes a Successful Ten Year Old?

KJ Dell'Antonia, lead writer and editor on the Motherlode blog on, explores the measures of success parents have for kids - is it getting good grades and excelling at sports, or cleaning up after dinner, unprompted? Is it the effort, or the achievement? Parents, can you separate your child's success from your own?

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Glory Days? The Mid-Life Divide

Janet Taylor, community psychiatrist in New York City and a contributor to AARP's Life Reimagined project, talks about the challenges people face after age 50 and whether their early ideas of success have held up and how life has changed their plans along the way.

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If I Can Make It Here

Does the song lyric have it right?  Is "making it" in New York, New York different from success elsewhere?   

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