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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Schools must now try to de-escalate tense situations before sending disruptive students to emergency rooms (Natalie Fertig/WNYC)

As the clock is ticking on the deadline for a deal for LICH’s re-development, city and state officials are losing confidence in the company that won the bid to buy the Cobble Hill hospital. Capital New York’s Dan Goldberg explains how the company was chosen, who's behind it and plan B if the deal falls through. Plus: City Council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito; a guide to Thomas Piketty's economic tome, and the think pieces responding to it; an update on the dispute over LG’s new headquarters near the Palisades; and one linguist's push back to the idea that language shapes how we see the world…le monde…el mundo.

We Read Seven Thomas Piketty Think-Pieces For You

Seemingly everyone has an opinion about French economist Thomas Piketty and his new book describing the rise of inequality. We read them for you, then talked about them on the radio.

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LICH (Still) in Limbo

As the May 5 deadline to work out a deal looms for SUNY and the company that won the bid to run LICH, Brooklyn Health Partners, the mayor's office has expressed reservations about B.H.P. Dan Goldberg, reporter for Capital New York, explains why SUNY and now the mayor don't think the 3-month-old company will be able to deliver on its ambitious plans for LICH, and what will happen next.


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Melissa Mark-Viverito's New Rules

Melissa Mark-Viverito, City Council Speaker, talks about the reforms enacted by the City Council to the way money for "member items" is allocated and other council news.


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The Fight Over the Palisades View

LG plans to build its tall new headquarters above the tree line in the Palisades, and environmentalists and others are pressuring the company to lower it. Kim Lueddeke, reporter for The Record, gives an update after attending a public hearing last night in Englewood Cliffs. Plus, she'll talk about a new state senate bill that would ban all tall buildings along the Palisades.

Joining her is Mayor Paul Tomasko. His town, Alpine, is Englewood Cliffs' northern neighbor. He explains why he is against LG's tall new headquarters, too.


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A 'Rose By Any Other Name' DOES Smell As Sweet

John McWhorter, Columbia linguistics professor, New Republic contributing editor, Time columnist and the author of The Language Hoax: Why the World Looks the Same in Any Language (Oxford University Press, USA, 2014) argues against the view that language shapes how we perceive or interact with the world, plus discusses the politics news this week.


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