The Rules They Are A-Changin’

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mortgage concept by money house from coins For many Americans, the home is a family's single most valuable and viable economic asset. (Denphumi/Shutterstock)

Home ownership is still a major part of the American dream. But after you crunch the numbers, is it even worth it? Plus: an argument that government is ineffective because of outdated rules and regulations; and what happens in a year with AmeriCorps’ City Year program. 

Goodbye Net Neutrality?

The FCC proposed new rules that would leave the concept of net neutrality all but dead. David Carr, media columnist and culture reporter for the New York Times and Nancy Scola, a reporter who covers the intersections of technology, politics, and policy for publications like Reuters, the Washingtonian, and, discuss this and the case Aereo is making before the Supreme Court.

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Should We Care About Owning a Home?

On average, real estate is a much worse investment than stocks and bonds. Yet Americans are still fixated on the idea of home ownership.

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Airbnb and the Law

Airbnb, the short-term apartment renting web-based service, is trying to navigate its way through a legal gray zone, past subpoenas and taxes. Matt Flamm, senior reporter at Crain's New York, updates the latest developments.

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US Government's Fatal Flaw - Regulations

Philip K. Howard, founder and chair of Common Good and the author of The Rule of Nobody: Saving America from Dead Laws and Broken Government (W. W. Norton & Company, 2014), argues that government is broken, not because of politics, but a reliance on anachronistic rules and regulations at the expense of common sense.


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A Year With City Year

City Year is part of the AmeriCorps program and will be celebrating 25 years next month. Erica Hamilton, vice president and executive director of City Year New York, explains how fellows spend their time and what communities get from the program. Plus, she'll take your calls.


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