Family Meeting: Sleep

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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

WNYC is launching a new crowdsourcing sleep project called Clock Your Sleep. In today’s family meeting, we’ll look at why sleep is necessary and healthy, and yet, why it’s often so hard to get a good night’s slumber. Insomniacs, day sleepers and even those of you who get eight hours a night like clockwork are all welcome! Carl Bazil, professor of clinical neurology and director of the Division of Epilepsy and Sleep at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons, takes your calls and explains why a good night’s sleep is crucial for good health. Then: WNYC’s John Keefe explains how the station’s Clock Your Sleep project works. Plus: Shelby Harris, the director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at Montefiore Medial Center, hears your solutions to your sleep struggles and offers some of her own; and coping strategies from those of you who work strange hours. 

Your Sleep Stories: How to Get Good Rest — and Enough of It

Don't look at the clock. Plan your outfit for tomorrow. Have sex. We got some incredible tips from listeners about how they manage to rock eight hours of good sleep each night.

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Clock Your Sleep With WNYC

John Keefe, head of the Data News team at WNYC Radio explains how people can track their sleep with WNYC -- and takes calls on the potential benefits of the quantified self.

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Dealing With Sleep Troubles

Shelby Harris, director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at Montefiore Medical Center, takes calls on what you might try if you're not getting enough good sleep.

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Working the Night Shift

We take calls from people who work strange hours -- how much does it affect the rest of your life, your health, and more? What strategies have you developed to cope? Shelby Harris, director of the behavioral sleep medicine program at Montefiore Medical Center helps field your questions.

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Our Favorite Sleep Songs

During our two-hour special on sleep, we played a bunch of our favorite songs about snoozing. Here they are — got any other favorites we should add to the list?

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