Sochi Update; Puerto Rican Day Parade Probe; The Act of Killing; Valentine’s Day Advice

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Han-Bin Lee of South Korea, Dequan Chen of China and Michael Gilday of Canada compete in Short Track Speed Skating on day 3 of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

Today's show is guest-hosted by Jami Floyd. Find out more about Jami here.

The Olympics have been underway for about a week. Slate’s Josh Levin updates us on the latest news out of Sochi. Then: an investigation into the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Plus: Joshua Oppenheimer, the director of “The Act of Killing,” talks about his Oscar-nominated documentary about human rights abuses in Indonesia in the ‘60s and psychologist, relationship expert and author Ty Tashiro gives practical advice for Valentine's Day.