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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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Today, the only guest on the Brian Lehrer Show is YOU! We'll take your calls in our yearly all-open-phones show, with conversations about what it means to be middle income in New York City; what you changed your mind about this year; thanking a stranger for an act of kindness; and more reflections for 2013. 

Open Phones: What Did You Change Your Mind About?

Did you change your mind about something this year? Call us up and tell us what it was. Have you changed your mind on the Affordable Care Act? Have you changed your mind on whether Mayor Bloomberg was a great mayor or on whether Chris Christie is a good governor? What did you change your mind about in 2013? Call us up at 212-433-9692.

→ Update: We're getting lots of reaction to Eric's revelation about brussel sprouts. Post your favorite brussel sprout recipe here.

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Living in the Middle in NYC

What's it like to live in the city if you or your neighborhood are the definition of the middle class? New census figures show that New York City's median income is $51,865. We're asking you to share your story of life in the middle. 

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Open Phones: The Most Interesting Thing That Happened To You

What's the most interesting thing that you did or that happened to you this year? Tell us a story. Fascinating things happen in our lives: things we generate and things we never expect. So what's the most interesting thing that you did or that happened to you in 2013? Post your comment here or call 212-433-WNYC, 212-433-9692.

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Open Phones: A Search for Common Ground

We pair callers from left and right and search for common ground rather than a debate. Two callers who disagree with each other -- one very conservative and one solidly liberal -- get matched on air. The only request is that you not debate, but instead be curious about the other person.

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Open Phones: What Are You Waiting For?

A simple question: What are you waiting for? Are you in a line right now? Are you expecting a baby? A revolution? Waiting in the apartment for the super to come fix the heat? What are you waiting for?

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Open Phones: Predictions for 2014

2014 is almost here -- what do you predict for the new year? From politics to culture to your personal life, make a bold prediction about what will happen in 2014.

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