Election Day in NY and NJ; Inside Election 2012

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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Voting in primary election in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, 2013. Voting in primary election in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, 2013. (Stephen Nessen/WNYC)

EVENING ELECTION SPECIAL: Starting at 8pm, Hosted by Brian

It's election day. Tune in and call in for the informal, unofficial, thoroughly unscientific Brian Lehrer Show exit poll. Plus: journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discuss their new book about the last presidential election called Double Down: Game Change 2012

Informal, Unofficial, Thoroughly Unscientific Exit Poll: Enthusiasm Gauge

If the polls are correct, there's not much suspense in either the NYC mayor's or NJ governor's races, but how enthusiastic is your support? Call 212-433-9692, post in the comments, and be sure to fill out WNYC's voter survey below to help us tell the story of election day. And don't forget, regardless of how you voted, be sure to send us your #VoterSelfie.

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The Top 5 Ballot Questions in Other States

Across the country, voters are weighing in on 31 ballot questions. Jake Grovum, staff writer at Pew's Stateline, talks about significant initiatives on the ballots in Colorado, Washington and Texas.  In Colorado, voters decide whether to levy taxes on newly legal marijuana sales and whether to increase taxes to fund education.  Water rights are on the ballot in Texas and GMO-labelling in Washington.

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Mall Shooting in New Jersey

At Garden State Plaza in Paramus last night, Richard Shoop, 20, of Teaneck, walked through the halls firing a weapon into the air, eventually shooting and killing himself in the early morning after a long police standoff. Richard Hake of the WNYC newsroom updates the latest, and we discuss what it says about safety, gun culture, and more.

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Game Change 2012

Authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discuss their new book Double Down: Game Change 2012 (Penguin Press HC, 2013), with an inside look at last year's Obama-Romney election.

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Informal, Unofficial, Thoroughly Unscientific Exit Poll: Down-Ballot Voting

Besides voting for Mayor or Governor, how did you vote in other contests or on the ballot initiatives?

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