#3742: Terry Riley's In C, 80th Birthday Edition

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From the New Sounds Live Concert Series, in collaboration with the Ecstatic Music Festival, listen to (most of) a celebratory performance of Terry Riley's revolutionary “In C,” recorded in March of 2015 at Merkin Concert Hall. The work, which ran over an hour, concluded a program marking Riley’s 80th birthday – perhaps a bit early, for his birthday is actually today – June 24th. Riley’s landmark 1964 work, “In C,” opened the doors for minimalism; its score consists of one page of 53 numbered musical phrases, and two pages of instructions, such as "There is no fixed rule as to the number of repetitions a pattern may have." 

The group of players for this “In C” (a relatively small ensemble for this work which calls for 35) included guitarists Gyan Riley and Simon Taylor-Davies (Klaxons), vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Emily Wells, pianist/vocalist Marco Benevento, electronic musician Lorna Dune (Victoire), violinist Nancy Whang (LCD Soundsystem), saxophone player Travis Laplante, percussionist Ches Smith, teen new-music ensemble Face the Music’s quartet This Side Up, and pulse-keeping bassist / ringleader Eleanore Oppenheim (Victoire).

From the score  - "IN C is ended in this way: when each performer arrives at figure #53, he or she stays on it until the entire ensemble has arrived there. The group then makes a large crescendo and diminuendo a few times and each player drops out as he or she wishes."

PROGRAM #3742–  Terry Riley's In C, from NSL at Merkin Hall (80th) (First aired on 06/24/2015)             





Gyan Riley, guitar
Ches Smith, percussion
Lorna Dune, synths
Emily Wells, violin / loops/ vocals,
Marco Benevento, keyboard 
Eleonore Oppenheim, bass/synth
Simon Taylor-Davies, guitar
Travis Laplante, saxophone
Nancy Whang, violin
Quartet This Side Up (Face the Music)

New Sounds Live @ Merkin Hall 3/18/2015

Terry Riley: In C [57:00]

This performance not commercially available, but MANY others are.

Hear the full concert from that night, including “In C” in its entirety over at Q2music.