Terror Watch Lists Brand Hundreds of Thousands

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 A traveler undergoes an enhanced pat down by a Transportation Security Administration agent at the Denver International Airport on November 22, 2010 in Denver, Colorado.
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There are at least 700,000 people designated on the U.S. terror watch list.

The government doesn't reveal who they are, or why they've been marked as a potential threat, but we do know it’s a number that’s grown considerably over the last few years. The number of people who appear on the list rose sharply after the failed Christmas Day bombing in 2009, and peaked at nearly 1,000,000 that very same year.

For the many individuals branded with the terrorist label, it can be nearly impossible to challenge the designation. It's a watch list that very few people are actually watching.

Joining The Takeaway to explain is Anya Bernstein, associate professor at the SUNY Buffalo Law School and author of “The Hidden Costs of Terrorist Watch Lists.”