Teen: Dark Pop With Transfixing Harmonies

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TEEN performs in the Soundcheck studio.

TEEN is the namesake of Brooklyn-based musician Teeny Lieberson, but it’s the singer and multi-instrumentalist's last name that might be most important for the psych pop band. When Lieberson needed help filling out the group, she turned to her sisters, Lizzie and Katherine, and that literal kinship is apparent on the band’s recently released Carolina EP.

Unlike last year's superb debut album In Limbo, TEEN had its live show specifically in mind for Carolina — instead of overdubs, the EP's production incorporates only what the band could replicate on stage. The result is a washed-out and trippy yet pounding pop-meets-post-punk sound that serves as the musical bed for Lieberson's alluring vocal harmonies.





Set List:

  • "Carolina"
  • "Big Talk"
  • "Rose 4 U"