Ted Cruz & Climate Change: Science Fiction & Science Facts

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December 8, 2015: GOP presidential candidate and Texas Senator Ted Cruz speaks as he chairs the Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness during a hearing on climate change on Capitol Hill.
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Texas Senator and Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz has long been a skeptic of global warming—Cruz does not believe in human-caused climate change, even though 97 percent of climate scientists disagree with him. 

The senator, who is also the chairman of the Senate’s Subcommittee on Space, Science, and Competitiveness, made this point at a Senate hearing on climate science on Tuesday.

"According to the satellite data, there has been no significant global warming for the past 18 years," Senator Cruz said. "The global warming alarmists don't like these data. They are inconvenient to their narrative. But facts and evidence matters. And I would note that many in the media reflexively take the side of the global warming alarmists."

One of the people who testified at that hearing was Dr. David W. Titley, a retired rear Navy admiral, a professor of the practice of meteorology at Penn State University, and a director at the Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk. 

He said that while Senator Cruz is an intelligent man that has the skills of an accomplished lawyer and politician, he found his narrow view of climate data troubling. Here, Dr. Titley parses through the data and research that Cruz uses to back up his point.