How To Kick Digital Butt in a 21st-Century Workplace

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3 segments

Workers of every age have to keep their tech smarts up to date to stay relevant in today's workplace. 

This week on New Tech City, inside tips from three experts on how to upgrade and hone your skills in a constantly changing and increasingly tech-dependent job market. 

Larry Harris, Chief Marketing Officer of ad-tech company PubMatic, does a lot of hiring of recent grads. He offers tough truths, interview tactics and a brash tale for younger workers looking to make an impression with potential bosses. 

Carmen Scheidel, Vice President of Learning + Development at Time, Inc., give tips for mid-career workers. (Hint: She's a big fan of the tutorials at She also has an idea or two for how not to be the one to be laid off, if it comes to that. 

Tom Kamber, Founding Executive Director of Older Adults Technology Services, talks to a few guests on how to reboot their outlook on technology and working for people a generation older. It gets a little touchy at parts. 

Harris, Scheidel and Kamber were panelists at Tech + Today's Worker, a recent Greene Space event hosted by New Tech City's Manoush Zomorodi. Click on the listen button to hear this week's podcast with the best excerpts from the event as well as interviews with additional experts, audience members and a few surprises too, naturally. 

There's also a short visit to graduation day at General Assembly's web development immersive course to show you the brimming optimism newly minted coders feel as they head into the workforce. 

You can watch the full event here. The talk Manoush mentions in the podcast by Zach Lieberman of the School for Poetic Computation begins at 57:05. Also, check out the slides from the event below.