Teaching Teachers

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Students, faculty and guests gather at the University of Michigan School of Education for "Grand Rounds," where they present and discuss issues in their teaching practice.

Research shows good teaching makes a big difference in how much kids learn. But the United States lacks an effective system for training new teachers or helping them get better once they’re on the job.

In this documentary from American RadioWorks, hear why there's a lack of training, and learn what it would take to improve American teaching on a wide scale.

Meet researchers who are trying to understand what makes teaching complex, and how to determine whether someone is ready to be a teacher. Then, take a visit to U.S. schools that are emulating Japan's system by radically rethinking the way they approach the idea of teacher improvement.

This documentary is the second in a four-part education series from American RadioWorks. Revisit the first episode here.


  • Saturday, September 12 at 6am on 93.9FM/NJPR
  • Saturday, September 12 at 2pm on AM 820
  • Saturday, September 12 at 9pm on NJPR
  • Sunday, September 13 at 8pm on AM 820 and 93.9FM