#TBT Brian and Gail Collins, 1995

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New York Times columnist Gail Collins

It's 'Throwback Thursday' and we're marking the 25th anniversary of the show this fall with a dip into the Brian Lehrer Show archives every week. This week, we go back to 1995. Before New York Times columnist Gail Collins turned to writing hilarious and insightful columns about national politics she used to cover local politics for Newsday -- and she did it in the same funny way. 

In this clip, Collins described a 1995 budget gap as a monster (hopefully not one on the roof of a car). Here, we've edited the interview to highlight some of her exchanges with Brian.

Gail Collins' latest interview on the Brian Lehrer Show is here.

And starting in September, we’ll be looking at the last 25 years in 25 days – picking a news event, issue or icon from the past quarter century and diving in. Stay tuned!