'The Tanning Of America'; New York Rapper Le1f Plays Live; That Was A Hit?!? On Candyman

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Le1f's upcoming EP, 'HEY' is out March 11.

In this episode: When the members of Run-DMC wrote “My Adidas” -- an ode to their sneakers of choice -- back in 1986, they weren’t trying to broker a corporate sponsorship. But they got one anyway, making history as the first-ever hip hop group to get an endorsement deal by a major corporation. It’s just one of the stories told in the VH1 documentary The Tanning Of America, based on the book of the same name by Steve Stoute. We talk with the marketing firm CEO and former music executive about how the American economy came to embrace hip hop culture.

Then: New York rapper Le1f talks about tricking Das Racist into rapping over voguing beats, his non-beef with Macklemore, and performs tracks off of his new EP, Hey, in the Soundcheck studio.

And: A hip hop edition of Soundcheck's series, That Was a Hit?!?, about the surprising pop chart success of a song by the rapper Candyman that became a phenomenon in 1990.