A Tale of Two Songwriters: Connie Converse and Laura Marling

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Connie Converse (left) and Laura Marling

Songwriting combines two potentially powerful arts: music and poetry. In some cases those elements are shaped by a personal, original vision, and the results are extraordinary, enhancing our perceptions of and responses to the world. Here are two such songwriters who have been championed on Spinning On Air: Connie Converse, whose music, created in the 1950s, went unheard until it aired on this program in 2004; and Laura Marling, whose current, growing carrier dates back to 2008, when she appeared on this show at age 17. The 28-year run of Spinning On Air on WNYC concludes this month, and host/producer David Garland is featuring highlights from the show's history, this time focusing on unreleased recordings by Connie Converse and in-studio performances by Laura Marling.

Connie Converse Walking In the Dark

Laura Marling's 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th visits to Spinning On Air