'Tail! Spin!' Turns Political Sex Scandals into Comedy

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Sean Dugan and Rachel Dratch in "Tail! Spin!"

Mario Correa talks about creating "Tail! Spin!," along with Rachel Dratch, who stars in it. The script is drawn verbatim from the leaked e-mails, raunchy texts and tell-tale tweets that brought down politicians Mark (“Appalachian Trail”) Sanford, Larry (“Wide Stance”) Craig, Anthony (“I Was Hacked”) Weiner, and Mark (“Underage Page”) Foley. Using only the actual words of the disgraced politicians, their paramours, and the skeptical media they tried so hard to spin, Tail! Spin! examines the power of sex—and the sex lives of the powerful. It’s playing at the Lynn Redgrave Theater at the Culture Project.