Super Bowl Thoughts, From 'Overdog' Tom Brady To Sparkly Lady Gaga

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Singer Lady Gaga performs during the halftime show of Super Bowl LI.

The New England Patriots don't always win the Super Bowl. Tom Brady isn't always the face staring at you on Snack Digesting Monday, the traditional follow-up to Super Bowl Sunday. But it can sure feel that way.

And this year, for the fifth time, Brady made it happen, leading the Patriots in a giant fourth-quarter comeback that was enormously impressive as a feat of quarterbacking while also feeling a little bit like D4: The Mighty Ducks Lose To A Well-Organized, Well-Funded Team From An Expensive Private College. Stephen Thompson of NPR Music, Gene Demby of our Code Switch team, and I sat down to talk about the game, the Tom Brady factor, the halftime show, and lots more.

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