NYC Summer School '14 in Full Swing

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About 77,000 students across the city headed to summer school on Tuesday. The Department of Education’s summer program runs from July 1 to until the end of the month for elementary and middle schoolers, and until August 12 for high schoolers.  

 “Summer school provides critical instructional enrichment opportunities for students who are in need of additional academic support to be prepared for the next grade,” Devora Kaye, a spokeswoman for the D.O.E. said in a written statement.

Under Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña, the policy for determining which students were promoted and who had to attend summer schools was slightly different from previous years.

Instead of relying solely on state standardized test scores, schools weighed in other factors of student progress including writing samples, class projects and assignments and other student work.

The D.O.E. also scrapped the exam that used to determine if students qualified for the next grade level at the end of the summer session. Now they will reevaluate student profiles that incorporate work completed in summer school in order to determine whether a child is ready for the next grade.

Despite a broader framework for student promotion, about 7 percent of students will attend summer school.

“Under the new promotional policy, we are encouraged to see that the number of students recommended for summer school is similar to that of previous years and is aligned with the high standards necessary to thrive both in and out of the classroom,” Kaye said.

Beyond these two modifications, summer school will last a little longer. Elementary and middle schoolers will have 19 instructional days, three more than last year. High schoolers will have 30 days in session as opposed to 26 days in 2013.