Summer '94: Tough Critics On Ace Of Base

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Zach, Zoe and Marlowe from New York's Little Red School House look like Tough Critics.

Ace Of Base's 'The Sign.'

All summer, Soundcheck has been looking back 20 years to the hit songs, defining albums, and pop culture of 1994. We've heard from a variety of musicians, writers and cultural critics who were there at the time, or grew up in the '90s and have a special place in their heart for the sounds of time. But what about those who weren't even born then? What about those who weren't even born ten years ago, let alone 20? Would they even like a pop song from '94?

We decided to return to New York's Little Red School House to see what a trio of particularly precocious grade schoolers think. In this edition of Soundcheck's series Tough Critics, Zach, Zoe and Marlowe listen to and pick apart one of the most popular, most infectious and ubiquitous songs playing on the radio back then: "The Sign" by Swedish group Ace Of Base.