More Women are Cycling, and Bike Share Riders Are Safer: Study

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Citi Bike riders wait to return bikes at a full docking station.

A new bike study finds more women are riding bikes, and that users of the bike sharing system Citi Bike are safer riders than other cyclists.

Peter Tuckel, a Sociology professor at Hunter College, helped coordinate the study. He said the findings might help to explain why, "contrary to widespread expectations, there was no spike in the number of cycling-related injuries due to the advent of the bike share program," he said.

The study found Citi Bike users were more likely to use protected bike lanes, wear helmets, and follow other cycling safety rules. The report also found more women riding bikes, compared to the last time it was conducted nearly five years ago.

The study was conducted over the summer and in October. About 100 students observed randomly-selected cyclists at 98 different intersections in lower and central Manhattan. In all, more than 4,300 cyclists were observed.