Study Finds Cockroaches Stick to Their Homes, More or Less

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We may share more in common with cockroaches than we'd like to think.

Mark Stoeckle, a senior research associate at Rockefeller University, said that like many New Yorkers, the pests are immigrants. He's currently studying their DNA. So far, he said he's found four distinct genetic types within one cockroach species, all living in the city.

"It looks like they do interbreed, but at the same time they keep to their own neighborhood," he said. "So if you go to the Upper East Side, you're going to find one kind of cockroach, and you go to the Upper West Side, you're going to find another kind."

Stoeckle is asking New Yorkers — especially students and citizen scientists — to mail him dead cockroaches for his study.

To find out more about the project and how to mail your specimens in, click here.