Stretch of 1st Avenue Repaved with New Asphalt

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Photos provided by the Department of Transportation show the changes made along a stretch of 1st Avenue.

A large stretch of 1st avenue has been re-paved using asphalt the Department of Transportation says is more durable and easier to maintain. Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan says the roadway was originally paved with 18-inches of concrete 30 years ago, which was more cost-effective at the time, back in 1983.

But over the years, the roadway deteriorated. "It was in very bad shape," Sadik-Khan said. "You could see, it looked like the surface of the moon in some parts of it. And it was difficult to maintain because of the concrete, and it has really shown its age."

Sadik-Khan said the new surface is a one-inch layer of asphalt made from a special polymer. It cost the city $7 million to repave the roadway.