Streets Of Laredo: Crossing Hemispheres With Crazed Cowboy Folk

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Streets Of Laredo performs in the Soundcheck studio.

Streets Of Laredo -- the band, not the book or the country song -- formed when brothers Dave and Dan Gibson were at something of a crossroads. Dave had put in time with many New Zealand rock bands, but had put that career on hold to run a t-shirt company. Meanwhile, his younger brother began to feel burnt out from his own music projects, and was looking to step away altogether. Dave offered him a job filing shirt orders, and soon, the two began writing songs again -- this time, together. Soon, Dave's wife Sarahjane joined in. After only one hometown show, Streets Of Laredo took the plunge and moved to the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Along the way, the band picked up a few more musicians, and expanded its bi-continental cowboy folk lineup into a sprawling seven-piece ensemble.

With its recent album, Volume I & II, Streets Of Laredo's music documents that transition from the Gibsons' old life in New Zealand, as well as the promise of what's to come in New York. It's a rambling, uplifting collection of folk pop songs -- full of lovely vocal harmonies and some country twang -- that will get anyone dancing along in no time.

Set List:

  • "Slow Train"
  • "Lonsdale Line"
  • "Girlfriend"