State of the Re:Union: San Gabriel Valley, CA: Small Town, Global City

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Amy Duan, second from right, is the founder of Chihuo, a Chinese-language restaurant review website.

The San Gabriel Valley is just like any other suburb in America. Life revolves around family and school; the social fabric is woven over cheap eats at the mall. But unlike most suburbs in America, the San Gabriel Valley is home to the largest Chinese diaspora in the country. In fact, eight of the region’s cities are majority Asian. That makes the “SGV” one of the few places where being Asian American is the norm – but where there is no normal version of being Asian American.

In this episode, explore the kaleidoscope of American stories unfolding in this Southern California bubble, from the Buddhist temple that’s nurturing a budding Boy Scout troop to the cemetery that’s welcoming migrants, even after death. Through the stories of the locals, including that of guest producer and SGV native Erica Mu, discover what belongingness, identity, and community means inside ethnoburb America.


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