State of the Re:Union: Salt Lake City, UT: Updating Tradition

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Salt Lake City, UT

When Mormon pioneers rolled into the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, they brought with them a new theology, a short but intense history of persecution, and dreams of a new kind of society. 166 years later, Salt Lake City remains deeply influenced by Mormon culture, but defies easy categorization. With a large and politically active gay scene, one of the biggest Polynesian populations in the country, and a steady stream of new migrants, the city is full of vibrant contradiction—and sometimes conflict.

From progressive Mormons working to heal the rift between the historically anti-gay church and the LGBT community, to young Shoshone computer programmers who have created the first-ever video game in their native language, to a pioneering podcast produced in a secure care facility for youth, host Al Letson will explore how some of the city’s most entrenched institutions are being stretched and adapted to fit the modern moment.