A Special Election That Isn't About Trump

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Under mounted antlers and historical photos, Steve and Janet Hren go over their ballots as they vote at the Lazy Doe Saloon in Monarch, Mont., Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2006.

In the last 50 years, Montana has only voted for a Democratic presidential candidate once, with Republican candidates often winning by 20-point margins -- including Donald Trump's 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton. This has led many outside commentators to assume that the state's upcoming special election, on May 25, will be a similar wash for the Republican candidate. But according to Buzzfeed's Anne Helen Petersen, this is to fundamentally misunderstand Montana both politically and culturally. In a recent piece for Buzzfeed, Petersen tells of her time on the ground in Montana covering the run-up to the special election, and explains why Montana doesn't fit easily in the national political mold. She talks with Bob about the election and how the media need to work to better understand people and places beyond the coasts.