Russia Probe: Get to Know Robert Mueller's Investigative 'A-Team'

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In this Dec. 14, 2011 file photo, FBI Director Robert Mueller testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington.
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Former FBI Director and Special Counsel Robert Mueller is wasting no time assembling his team of attorneys to investigate President Trump and alleged ties between his campaign and Russia.

From a criminal law expert and an organized crime prosecutor, to a former FBI agent-turned-lawyer and cyber-security specialist, the team will be tasked with looking into whether or not there was collusion, obstruction of justice, or any number of areas which they deem relevant to the investigation.

Trump lashed out Thursday morning on Twitter:

Who are the people on Mueller's team, and what do their backgrounds tell us about where this investigation might be heading? David Lat, an attorney and founder and managing editor of the legal website Above the Law, has the details.

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This segment is hosted by Todd Zwillich.