Songs We Love: S U R V I V E, 'Wardenclyffe'

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Well, the secret's out on the Austin band whose members composed the epic score for the Netflix original series Stranger Things — but producing horror-score-influenced compositions is nothing new for S U R V I V E. For almost a decade, the band has explored these sounds with drum machines and analog synths. Now, it's preparing to release its second full-length record, RR7349, this September.

"Wardenclyffe" is a slow-mo synth chugger that would be as effective in your local cinema during a Halloween double feature as it would on the dance floor in your local discotheque. The standout track, like much of S U R V I V E's music, gives nods to John Carpenter and Goblin with its space-age synthesizers and tension-inducing, rolling bass. Still, the band's composition of these sounds is truly something unique.

"Wardenclyffe" begins with a 4/4 kick, a distorted snare figure and a simple, yet effective, driving synth bass. As the track continues, the band introduces some of the sci-fi ambience characteristic of the Stranger Things score, and the bass line transforms into arpeggios. These ominous progressions continue as the track's tension builds; meanwhile, further melodic layers are introduced, slowly shining a light and generating a sense of hope in the darkness. A break in the drums and a modulating, cosmic synth pad pave the way to a cinematic crescendo that could soundtrack the heroic ending of your favorite sci-fi horror film or your most euphoric, hands-in-the-air moment in the club.

RR7349 comes out Sept. 30 on Relapse.

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