Song Sequels; The Baseball Project Plays Live

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The Baseball project returns with its latest album, '3rd.'

In this episode: In Hollywood, even the worst movie merits a sequel. But in pop music, great songwriters rarely add a new chapter to a brilliant hit. So, here at Soundcheck, we’re going to do it for them, with comedian Mo Rocca and radio host Mario Correa of Sirius XM’s Entertainment Weekly channel.

Then: We're nearly a month into baseball season, which, for many of us means taking in a game on a Sunday afternoon, stuffing yourself with hot dogs and overpriced beer, and, of course a new batch of songs from The Baseball Project. Hear the National-pastime-themed rock band -- built around Steve Wynn, Scott McCaughey and Linda Pitmon -- play songs from its latest album, 3rd. 

They also take time to geek out on all things baseball with Soundcheck producer Joel Meyer, and give their World Series predictions for this current season.