The Takeaway Job Fair: So You Want a Career in Tech?

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Harvey Mudd students learn computer science and engineering skills by building their own robotic cars in the Autonomous Vehicles lab.

In the final installment of The Takeaway Job Fair, we turn our attention to the tech field.

By the year 2022, there are expected to be some 1.2 million computing jobs up for grabs in the United States, but the National Center for Women and Information Technology estimates that only 39 percent of these jobs will be filled by U.S. undergraduates.

How can students get ready for successful future careers in the competitive tech industry? We put that question to Maria Klawe, a celebrated mathematician and computer scientist and president of Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California.

Klawe is especially passionate about encouraging women to pursue majors in computer science, and she knows a thing or two about motivating and helping students prepare for competitive careers in tech.