So Ya Think Ya Know Yer Morning Edition Hosts?

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From the November 1979 WNYC Program Guide

WNYC started broadcasting NPR's Morning Edition on November 5, 1979. Since then, the national show has had several local hosts —some occasional, some long-term. Before and during Soterios Johnson's tenure (2002-2016) they include, among others, Eric Zoro, Jo Ann Allen, Mark Hilan, Dick Hinchcliffe, Brian Zumhagen, and Marty Goldensohn. See if you can identify these six voices in these six audio clips. (Answers are at the bottom of the page)

1. An earthquake hits Connecticut, 1981

(and did he just make fun of the Richter scale?)

2. A rainy weather report, 1989

3. A bishop encourages love, 1990

4. A giant shark off Long Island, 1991

5. D'Amato loses Senate election, 1998

6. Electronic wallets (ooh!), 2012






Solutions: 1. Marty Goldensohn, who apparently hosted some early ME shows   2. Jo Ann Allen, a regular host   3. Eric Zoro, a regular host  4. Dick Hinchcliffe, an occasional host  5. Mark Hilan, a regular host from 1992 to 2002   6. Brian Zumhagen, who occasionally sat in for Soterios.
Do you know any other early Morning Edition hosts? Post a comment below.