Sledding for Toddlers, Daredevils, and Sightseers

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It wasn't too cold for dozens of children determined to find the best hill for sledding. The hill near the Picnic House was the best one in Prospect Park, they said.

Based on the fantastic submissions we've received on our crowdsourced sledding map, here are a few places we've discovered. Let us know what we're missing in the comments.

Good For Your Toddler

  • Highland Park, Brooklyn: "Several sized slopes for all ages."
  • Kissena Park, Queens: "Many different lengths of hills."
  • Riverside Park, Manhattan: "Lots of smaller slopes."
  • Gracie Mansion Hill, Manhattan: "A snow day in the mayor's backyard."
  • Tourne Park, Morris County, NJ: "A nice, long hill without being too crazy. Great for smaller kids!"
  • Hackley School, Tarrytown, New York: "Easy access, great long hill for kids of all ages."
  • Martling Ave. Hill, Clove Lakes Park, Staten Island: "Wide and not too large. Perfect for young children and parents interested in a short climb back up."

These Might Kill You

  • Ridge Road: "Awesomely dangerous. Have to get in before the plows come through, watch out for parked cars." 
  • Brooklyn Bridge: "Trying to dodge tourists!"
  • Suicide Hill, Manhattan: "Steep and extremely fast with little to no runway; park benches and cars prevent spilling out into the street. Bailing out: mandatory." and "The steepest hill in NYC."
  • Soldiers & Sailors, Manhattan: "Prepare to crash and to be crashed into, and have fun! (NOT for small children.)"
  • Devils Hill, Morristown, NJ: "Watch out for partially buried rocks!"
  • Death Hill, West End Ave., Manhattan: "Heart-pounding incline!"
  • The Big Hill, Riverside Dr, Manhattan: "Got a fat lip 20 years ago after I crashed into the protective bail of hay and flew face-first into the chain-link fence."
  • BQE Exit 28B Off-Ramp, Brooklyn: "Be careful not to slide into traffic!"

Most Scenic

  • Roosevelt Island's Southtown Hill: "Just the right amount of steepness and a nice view of the Queensboro Bridge."
  • The Helix, Weehawken, NJ: "Nice spiral, great NYC views."
  • Davenport Park, New Rochelle: "Best sledding in New Rochelle: easy parking and a huge, wide slope and views of LI Sound."
  • Astoria Park, Queens: "Big hill, nice view of the bridge and Manhattan, too!"
  • Sunset Park, Brooklyn: "There's a steep hill with an amazing view of the city."
  • Little Bay Park, West End: "Lovely view of Long Island Sound as you sled down the long gentle slope!"
  • Inwood Hill Park, Manhattan: "Great views of the river and the bridge."

Hidden Gems

  • Maryland Monument, Prospect Park, Brooklyn: "Less crowded, but steeper than most hills in Prospect Park."
  • Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn: "Great hills but not the crowds you get at Prospect Park. A nice community feel."
  • Hillside Park, Brooklyn Heights: "This dog park becomes a sledding hill every snowfall."