Six Weeks After Bridgegate Broke, Six Questions for Gov. Christie

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Gov. Christie hasn’t held a news conference since January 9, the day after bombshell correspondence was released indicating that top deputies ordered George Washington Bridge lanes closed as part of some sort political retaliation scheme. If and when he holds a press conference again, this is what I want to ask him to try to understand what he knew, and when.

1)      You are depicted in a picture, evidently laughing, with David Wildstein, who carried out the lane closures. The picture is taken at a 9/11 ceremony on Sept. 11, 2013, the third day of the epic traffic jam that resulted from those lane closures. What were you two talking about?

2)      Why would three people in your inner circle – David Samson, Bill Stepien and Bridget Anne Kelly – carry out lane closures that caused prolonged, dangerous traffic jams, without notifying you beforehand or afterward?

3)      In February you told a radio audience that you instructed your chief of staff and chief counsel to look into the lane closures as soon as you heard about them on or about Oct. 1. Why hadn’t you mentioned this in January, when you held a two-hour press conference solely about this issue?

4)      You had lunch with Fort Lee Mayor Sokolich at Drumthwacket, he says, but you have claimed you don't recall ever meeting him. Do you now remember dining with him, or was he not telling the truth? 

5)      An extensive Sept. 13 email about the ramifications of the lane closures was sent from Port Authority Director Patrick Foye and forwarded to one of your top staffers, Regina Egea. Then what happened? Were you not made aware of the email at the time, and why not? 

6)      At a Dec. 2 press conference, you said you had talked to your mentor, Port Authority Chairman David Samson, about the lane closures. What prompted that conversation, when did it occur, and what information did you learn?