A Six (and a Half) Year Old Explains New Yorker Cartoons

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New Yorker cartoons are weird. Sometimes they're funny in the traditional sense. Sometimes they're incomprehensible. Sometimes they're adjacent to funny - gestures towards this thing that is like humor but isn't quite humor. 

TLDR's exec producer, Katya, has a son named Louie who is 6 and a half years old. Louie reads the New Yorker purely for the cartoons, which he likes a lot, and he's trying to win the weekly caption contest. 

Since it's Friday, and this week has been a not great week on the internet, here is something nice for you guys: Louie explaining his understanding of the jokes behind three New Yorker cartoons. He literally does this every week, so if you guys like this we'll meet back here next Friday, and we'll have his submission idea. 

"Strike Any Key To Continue." "That's My Uncle Peter - notice how the eyes follow your breasts where ever you go." "Where once there was one sandwich, now there are two."