Simone Dinnerstein: Playing Bach's 'Inventions And Sinfonias'

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Simone Dinnerstein performs in the Soundcheck studio.

Over the years, Simone Dinnerstein has been no stranger to Soundcheck and WNYC, having appeared many times to perform in a variety of settings -- be it in concert with songwriter Tift Merritt or playing the works of J.S. Bach, including The Goldberg Variations. The young and renowned concert pianist returns to the Soundcheck studio to perform selections from her latest collection of Bach compositions, specifically the Inventions and Sinfonias.

Those pieces were originally written in 1723 as a musical guide for keyboard players -- and remain part of the core repertoire for students, amateurs, and professional musicians. Dinnerstein says the first Bach pieces she ever heard was the Inventions and has had a connection to this music ever since. Recorded at the Academy of Arts and Letters in New York with Grammy-winning producer Adam Abeshouse, Dinnerstein not only demonstrates her stunning music prowess, but highlights why these small masterpieces have endured for so long.