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Say Goodbye to the Domino Sugar Sign

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An aerial image of Brooklyn's defunct Domino Sugar factory

For almost a century, the Domino Sugar sign has towered on the bank of the East River in Williamsburg. But as the redevelopment of the site into apartments and commercial spaces enters its next phase , the 40-foot letters will be taken down this week, and will soon be a sweet thing of the past. The beloved sign won't be destroyed, though. According to an architect working on the project, it will eventually be reinstalled at a location within the finished site. 

Help preserve the memory of the Domino Sugar sign and other signs like it: enter WNYC's Signs of Summer photo contest! We're on a hunt to find and document the city's most iconic signs - words, letters and pictures that have emotional effects on us, often that we're not aware of until those signs are gone. Here's what you do: take a photo of any outdoor sign that strikes you – it can be in any borough and made of anything, but it should be a permanent fixture (no flyers or graffiti). Tag it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #signsofsummer. Then we'll open the polls and declare a winner.

The contest started Monday and we've received over 120 submissions already - so send your photos our way now! Here are some listeners submissions for inspiration: 

Harlem, Manhattan.
Lower East Side, Manhattan.
Hells Kitchen, Manhattan. 
A colorful sign in Spanish.
Upper West Side, Manhattan. 
Red Hook, Brooklyn.
West Village, Manhattan.
Gowanus, Brooklyn.
West Village, Manhattan.