Deadline Arrives for G&T Test Sign Up

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This article has been updated to reflect new information from the Department of Education.

Parents who want their children to try for a spot in one of the city's gifted and talented programs can now register for the test online until midnight on Sunday, Nov. 10. The Department of Education announced Friday that it would keep the online application open through the weekend, though the D.O.E. is still encouraging parents to register by the original deadline of Friday, Nov. 8.

To register in person, families must submit applications to their children's schools or local enrollment offices by Friday afternoon.

Students in pre-kindergarten through second grade are eligible to take the test that will be administered in January and early February. Families can access the city's gifted and talented handbooks through the D.O.E.'s website.

Entry into a gifted and talented classroom has become increasingly competitive in New York City. Last year, nearly 12,000 students received high enough scores -- in the 90th percentile or higher -- to qualify for a gifted program, but just over 5,200 students received offers. Although the number of seats is not keeping up with demand, it has increased across the city. By comparison, nearly 1,300 students received offers to gifted and talented programs in 2007-2008.

Families who went through the testing process last school year will also recall the major errors in scoring the exams made by the vendor, Pearson. Because of those errors, the D.O.E. announced in September that it will consider a new vendor to take over for Pearson in administering gifted and talented tests, potentially cutting short the company's three-year contract.

But any changes would only come next school year, after the D.O.E. releases a new bid for proposals. Education officials said Thursday that the Request for Proposals would be released soon.