Sept. 10: The Gun Show, Remembering Bob Ross & Rick Bartow, Rock'n'Roll and Sexual Violence & More

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Oregon Playwright Shoots True With 'The Gun Show' - 1:15 “The Gun Show” tells five stories about guns drawn from the life of the award-winning playwright E.M. Lewis. She grew up in rural Oregon, where she was surrounded by guns, and she learned to shoot on a date with her husband-to-be. But then she found herself on the other end of a barrel during a robbery, followed by two other deeply troubling experiences, one of which ended in the death of her husband. Suffice it to say, she knows firsthand the whole range of emotions guns elicit, and her one-man (yes, a man plays her) show is a powerful and provocative ride of humor and emotion. It stars Vin Shambry at Coho Theater through Oct. 1. Portland's Living Room Explodes With Art This Weekend - 11:45 This weekend, Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square will transform into a three-day art party. Libby Werbel of the Portland Museum of Modern Art — or P-MOMA — will take over through the Square’s cool new residency series, Houseguest, bringing in visual artists and performers like Portland punk royalty Fred & Toody Cole and San Francisco dynamo Dynasty Handbag for all day entertainment from 11am to 7pm. Werbel's also programming the Works, the raucous nightly afterparty for PICA’s Time Based Art Festival, on Friday, Sept. 9 with some of her Houseguest performers and a few choice Portland artists like the Strange Babes DJ trio. Portland Musician Admits To Attempted Rape On Facebook - 22:37 Last weekend, a Portland musician who plays in several bands made a shocking admission on his Facebook page. Joel Magid described in graphic terms how he’d tried to rape a woman, until, he says, a friend intervened. A torrent of responses exploded across social media, and the story got picked up from San Francisco to London. We spoke with some people in the Portland music scene who had strong thoughts on the post and on the broader music culture that is not always helpful to victims of sexual violence. A Jazz Life: Paul Knowles Remembers The Cotton Club - 32:20 The music venue that set the rhythm of life for black Portlanders during the 1960s was the Cotton Club in Northeast Portland on Vancouver Avenue. And the man who made the Cotton Club happen has shared several stories with KMHD Jazz Radio’s oral history project, A Jazz Life. Today we’re bringing you one about the early days at the club. The Final Works Of NW Icon Rick Bartow - 35:40 Rick Bartow, one of the region’s most accomplished artists, passed away in April. His boldly colorful, emotive, and idiosyncratic works refused to be contained by medium or style or even species. Inspired by his Native American heritage and travels to Mexico, Japan, and beyond, his works depicted beings that blended human and animal, creatures on the cusp of the material and the spiritual world. Bartow’s final months were his most productive, and Froelick Gallery is now showing them in an exhibition called “Sparrow Song.” We talked with gallerist Charles Froelick, a longtime friend of Bartow’s, in February, about Bartow's final months and his legacy. The Real Bob Ross: Meet The Man Behind Those Happy Trees - 43:49 The hypnotic voice, the poofy hair, the beard: Bob Ross passed away more than 20 years ago, but apparently he’s as timeless as the happy trees he painted on his PBS show, “The Joy of Painting.” Time to get out those oil paints: Netflix is streaming episodes, which got NPR producer Danny Hajek thinking, what’s Bob’s story.