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Signs in the City: Help us Find the Icons Around Us

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UPDATE: We took a vote, and this sign is the winner! Thanks to everyone who submitted and voted.

From newcomer to native, anyone walking around New York knows that signs are physical landmarks. But they're also emotional ones, "part of our memory process," as urban historian Kathleen Hulser says. Though we typically don't realize their significance until they're gone. Take Brooklyn's beloved Kentile Floors sign, for example, which was barely mentioned until its dismantling earlier this summer sparked an uproar.

To celebrate the uniqueness of the city's signs, we're launching a Signs of Summer photo contest. Here's what you do: Take a photo of any outdoor sign that strikes you – it can be in any borough and made of anything, but it should be a permanent fixture (no flyers or graffiti). Tag it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #signsofsummer. Then we'll open the polls and declare a winner.

Here are some examples to get you started.