Sen. Tim Kaine Calls On Sessions To Recuse Himself From Russia Investigation

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More lawmakers are calling for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from overseeing investigations from the FBI and the Justice Department into ties President Trump’s campaign or his associates may have had to Russian meddling in the presidential election.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday night that Sessions spoke to the Russian ambassador twice last year, but in his confirmation hearing, Sessions said he did not have communications with the Russians.

Here & Now‘s Eric Westervelt (@Ericnpr) hears more from Virginia Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine (@timkaine), also a 2016 vice presidential candidate and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“…The judiciary committee should compel [Sessions] to come back so that they can ask him questions about the testimony he gave — both verbal testimony and answers under oath to written questions — and they should grill him about that,” Kaine tells Here & Now. “If he is unwilling to do that, or if his answers are not satisfactory, then at that point, Congress should ask him to resign.”

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