Selected Shorts: Nadine Gordimer, 'The Ultimate Safari'

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Male lion in Kenya

The South African writer and activist Nadine Gordimer died on July 13th at the age of ninety. In the course of her long career her epic works dealt with moral and racial issues including the savage legacy of apartheid and its toll on the beautiful country she loved even as she deplored its politics. She was a winner of both the Man Booker and Nobel Prizes, among many awards.

SELECTED SHORTS has featured a number of Gordimer’s powerful stories over the years, and in her honor we feature one of them here, “The Ultimate Safari,” read by Myra Lucretia Taylor. The ironic title is taken from a travel advertisement, but the struggling black travelers of her story, making their stealthy and terrified way through an animal park, are not frolicking tourists, but refugees in their own country.