In Search of the Longest Subway Ride

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What's the longest ride you can take on the New York subway? The MTA website says it's a 38-mile trip from 241st Street in the Bronx to Far Rockaway, but we think we can do better. We found a route between those same two stations that covers over 148 miles of track. It uses every subway line at least once and requires 45 transfers.

UPDATE 4:05 PM: Our 148-mile route was based on four computers checking 200 billion possibilities and counting. But using this page, someone's browser found an even longer route today: 154.6 miles with 54 transfers! We've verified that route, and mapped it here:


So what's the REAL longest ride you can take on the New York subway? We're still not sure, so maybe you can help us. See if your computer can beat the record!

Segment distances are calculated based on Steven Romaleski's MTA shapefiles.