A Google For The Dark Net

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While the mail-order narcotics website The Silk Road is long gone, numerous sites have popped up in its place, including the creatively named "Silk Road 2.0". But the difficulty for outsiders interested in purchasing - ahem - goods and services from sites like the Silk Road is that it is not particularly user friendly, requiring you to know the URL of each specific marketplace and to browse using the Tor Browser. But as of last week, it has become much more user friendly, because some enterprising designer has created a Google for dark net marketplaces called "Grams."

Right now, it only searches about five dark net marketplaces, but the creator posted on Reddit plans to add more marketplaces and more features. Judging by the response from users, they seem to like it. I took it for a little test run and found that it does precisely what it advertises. Here are some search results for the word "crack."

Of course, as we've discussed numerous times, using the Tor browser to access these Dark Net marketplaces does not guarantee anonymity. But the interest in these types of services is definitely there, and lowering the difficulty bar on accessing these sites will almost certainly draw more users to this dark net Google. That will, in turn, draw the interest of the authorities.