The Science of Gratitude

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The evolutionary roots of gratitude run deeper than with just homosapiens. Primatologists note that the gratitude that chimpanzees show is natural and ingrained as part of their culture.

The past 10 years have seen an explosion in the scientific study of happiness. The findings so far are complex, and incomplete. But if they could be distilled into one simple prescription for happiness, it would probably be this: Say thank you.

Gratitude, it seems, is a key—perhaps the key—to feeling more satisfied with your life. It improves your relationships with loved ones. It’s even good for your heart.

Learn more about these and many other cutting-edge findings in The Science of Gratitude, a new special narrated by Academy Award-winner Susan Sarandon

The Science of Gratitude combines scientific research with personal stories illustrating the benefits and obstacles to feeling truly grateful. Learn what chimpanzees and department stores have to do with gratitude, why the U.S. National Park Service provides evidence that gratitude can be passed down through generations, and more.


  • Wednesday, November 23 at 9pm on 93.9FM