Scary Shorts: Terror in 30 Seconds or Less

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A couple weeks ago, we announced Studio 360's Scary Short Film Festival and gave you a challenge: create a scary movie on the theme of “young genius,” no longer than 30 seconds. The filmmaker Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream) will judge the submissions.

Never made a scary movie before? Before Craven had made his first horror movie, he had never even seen one. He passed along the advice given to him on his maiden voyage: “Just drag all the skeletons out of your closet.”

#scaryshortsEnter: Studio 360’s Scary Short Film Fest

We want you to create a super-short horror movie — 30 seconds or less on the theme of "young genius." Wes Craven will announce the winner on the show.

Deadline: 11:59pm ET March 2, 2014


Grey Matter, by Tim Thomas — Lynchburg, Virginia

Tim Thomas of Lynchburg, Virginia sent us Grey Matter, in which a Harvard graduate awakes to find an extraterrestrial visitor. It opens with a clip Tim stumbled upon on YouTube. It’s a speech in which Ronald Reagan talks about how easy it would be to put aside differences with our enemies if aliens invaded Earth. It’s frankly bizarre, and “almost as if our former late president was narrating my little opus,” Tim says.

Here are some other great early submissions:

Momma Nice, by Jason — Herndon, Virginia

The Androgynous Lodge, by Gabe — Akron, Ohio

This is Not a Test, by Kurt and Studio 360 — New York City, New York

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Music Playlist

  1. Sleep Clinic

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  2. Psycho [Suite for String Orchestra]

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