The Best TV Shows of 2013

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Netflix's breakout new show Orange is the New Black is set in a women's prison.

In this interview, two critics talk about the shows they recommend people should catch up on.

Matt Zoller Seitz, New York Magazine:

  • Arrested Development/Netflix: “It was really a beautiful example of how you can take streaming and actually use it creatively.”
  • Scandal/ABC: Like Homeland and American Horror Story, “they’re not trying to be a documentary. They’re trying to be this crazy, kind of hothouse atmosphere of melodrama. And I think Scandal, is a brilliant example of that.”

 Alan Sepinwall,

  • Orange Is the New Black/Netflix: “With Breaking Bad off the air, it was my number two show. So now it’s currently the reigning best show on television, or whatever you want to call Netflix.”
  • Scandal/ABC: “Scandal just goes for it. We’re going to be as crazy as we possibly can. We’re going to be as melodramatic as we possibly can. And we’re going to give all these actors this really meaty, crazy themes to play. And it’s just so much fun and so much memorable than a lot of things trying to be classier than that.”